To assist members and suppliers in strengthening & growing their business through marketing & promotion, FrontLine provides a range of marketing solutions.

Effective Email Marketing Solutions

FrontLine offers Newsletter Manager to all members and suppliers as an affordable way to conduct email marketing. Newsletter Manager allows you to send professional looking emails and run detailed reports, including open and click rates, to ensure maximum return on investment. Set up, configuration & email templates are included in our one fee implement and afterwards, you can opt for a monthly cost or pay as you go.

Most importantly, they ensure you remain compliant to legislation regarding email marketing & anti-spam policies. FrontLine members can speak directly with the FrontLine team for service & “help desk” style support, and assistance with templates, subscriber management & campaign creation. Newsletter manager can be integrated with your online retail or wholesale store to help build your loyalty base and communicate with them seamlessly.

Mailchimp set up and configuration with your online store can be conducted by us for a competitive hourly rate.


Quick Professional Marketing Templates Using Retail Marketing Solutions

Contemporary & stylish promotional templates to use in your store! Finished art is available ready to print, just have your printer add your store details and you’re away! Our marketing team can work with you on your upcoming promotions.


Catalogue & Flyer Opportunities

FrontLine’s manchester and womenswear divisions offer members optional catalogue programs exclusive to members. Here you can access special promotional pricing on selected product, incorporated into an affordable catalogue featuring your logo & address. More categories available where relevant to the industry.



Digital & eCommerce Services

The FrontLine Stores Digital work with you to build a successful online store and empower you to take the reins of your own eCommerce store. When your online store is ready to go, successful businesses have a solid and flexible strategy to ensure customer retention and a ways to attract new business. Our digital team can implement quarterly steering meetings to ensure key marketing initiatives are in order and provide guidance on executing your plans.




In keeping with our commitment, our Business Development team can conduct a no obligation, full benefit analysis for your business, so you can see the value you will gain from being a part of the group.

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