The holySheet! brand embodies a unique sense of fun

and engagement in the shopping experience

holySheet! retailers are fashion forward retailers of manchester & homewares who are not afraid to add a
bit of fun to a sometimes highly traditional category. Focusing on strengthening relationships with suppliers
to create new opportunities for increased product margin and promotional programs, the holySheet! brand
takes strong stores and makes them stronger through numbers and a national profile.

What is the HolySheet! brand?

holySheet! brings fun and style to a customer’s personal spaces, delivering uniquely fashionable high quality product with
knowledgeable, friendly service. The holySheet! brand embodies a unique sense of fun and engagement in the shopping
experience, supported by a culture of design-savvy style, quality and youthful good humour.

HolySheet! product

holySheet! stores & product stockists gain access to exclusively branded product lines produced by leading suppliers. Designed
to provide consistently quality product with higher margins for the retailers, holySheet! product also offers retailers a point of
difference in a category that can become highly price competitive across the major brands.

Becoming a member/stockist

Established retailers of Manchester & homewares can apply to become a holySheet! store or stockist. Applications will be considered
on the strength of the business and the potential for alignment with the holySheet! brand.

Sell online!

Being part of the holySheet! group means you get access to our holySheet! branded online store template, so you can start selling products
online quickly, with very little setup costs!

Need more information?

If you feel your business is suited to being part of the holySheet!® group, simply call Sharon Hall on (03) 9888 5766 or send an email

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