Have you thought about joining Blue Sky?

Blue Sky outdoor experts® are committed to providing high levels of service in the sale of quality product
from leading brands in the camping, fishing & outdoor category.

Blue sky® retailers also get to run their own business, remaining independent and making their own decisions.

Their competitive edge comes from the fact they are part of the Blue Sky® group.As part of the group, Blue Sky® retailers
benefit from increased buying power and preferential trading terms with a comprehensive range of suppliers and service providers.

This means that Blue Sky® retailers are advantaged by lower operational costs, and discounted stock, and can subsequently turn these
advantages into added value for their customers. Located across Australia and promoted on a national scale, Blue Sky® stores are
committed to providing quality product and service. Blue Sky® retailers continue to strengthen the brand every day.

Digital & Marketing services

Being part of the Blue Sky® group means you get access to our Blue Sky® branded POS material,  digital solutions & services and a branded
online store so you can start selling products online quickly, with very little setup costs!

Need more information?

If you feel your business is suited to being part of Blue Sky® group, simply call David Woods on (03) 9888 5766 or send an email david@frontlinestores.com.au

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