Digital services to help build your online store presence

With a winning combination of technical & business experience, FrontLine’s Digital Team offers a truly professional & personalised service.


The FrontLine Stores Digital work with you to build a successful online store and empower you to take the reins of your own eCommerce store. When your online store is ready to go, successful businesses have a solid and flexible strategy to ensure customer retention and a ways to attract new business. Our digital team can implement quarterly steering meetings to ensure key marketing initiatives are in order and provide guidance on executing your plans.


Through initial consultation, we can provide search engine optimisation (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM) management to fall in line with your online strategy.  We can provide the expertise and campaign management with your Magento online store:

  • Paid search advertising – the most popular option for targeted pay per click campaigns. The most cost effective form of advertising
  • Pay per click remarketing – a great way to lure or re-engage potential customers who have shown interest
  • Display advertising – a great way to increase brand exposure, engagement and most of all, increase online conversion

Email Marketing

FrontLine offers Newsletter Manager to all members and suppliers as an affordable way to conduct email marketing. Newsletter Manager allows you to send professional looking emails and run detailed reports, including open and click rates, to ensure maximum return on investment. Set up, configuration & email templates are included in our one fee implement and afterwards, you can opt for a monthly cost or pay as you go.

Most importantly, they ensure you remain compliant to legislation regarding email marketing & anti-spam policies. FrontLine members can speak directly with the FrontLine team for service & “help desk” style support, and assistance with templates, subscriber management & campaign creation. Newsletter manager can be integrated with your online retail or wholesale store to help build your loyalty base and communicate with them seamlessly.

Mailchimp set up and configuration with your online store can be conducted by us for a competitive hourly rate.

SMS Marketing

Did you know that 95%-99% of SMS marketing campaigns are opened? SMS offers a way to reach these consumers where they miss (or avoid) other traditional messaging mediums. Due to the excitement and buzz of receiving an SMS, consumers are more likely to open and engage on your campaign or, at least customers will be more likely to visit your website later that day and possibly make that final purchase.

SMS set up and configuration is conducted by us for a one off nominal fee and afterwards, you pay as you go – It’s that simple!

Creative Design

The visual image of your business is crucial to the overall perception of your brand. To best utilise your online presence, creating a consistent branding message across all mediums helps set you apart from the noise with your own identity.  Through consultancy, we work with you to create that identity, or simply improve on what you already have. To help attract the right audience through, we can provide:

  • Banner & teaser design for your website
  • Logo design for in-store and online
  • Social media branding
  • Promotional design for Email Marketing

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