Apple Pay v Android Pay v Samsung Pay v Google Pay

Apple Pay v Android Pay v Samsung Pay v Google Pay You may have noticed it, but if you haven’t, your EFTPOS card is being replaced. No we’re not going back to cash, or bartering, although I know some retailers that would embrace those options more it seems. We’re moving towards using mobile payment systems … Continued

Using Retail for Good – Capri Launceston

Using Retail for Good – Capri Launceston Keen to use HER retail business to help disadvantaged communities around the world, Michelle’s “donate a bra” campaign has become legendary in Launceston. The following is an article that featured in the Launceston Examiner about Michelle’s recent campaign.   Trade-a-bra The Launceston community has again thrown its support … Continued

Gravel & Grace – A business transformation

Gravel & Grace – A business transformation Meet Amanda from Gravel & Grace. Amanda is a true retail success story. She saw the potential in a weary old rural business and turned it into something fabulous. Read on to learn more about this amazing transformation… One ending is another’s beginning. Coleman’s Drapery had experienced many … Continued

Offering buy now, pay later in store and online

Offering buy now, pay later in store and online We’re all familiar with the lay-by model, which allows customers to come into your store, leave with a product and pay for it over time. It’s a convenient option to provide to your customers, which you can now offer risk-free both in-store and through your online … Continued

Merchandising Techniques for Home Decor

Merchandising Techniques for Home Decor The majority of information our brains process comes in through our sense of sight (83%).We’re overwhelmingly visual when digesting information in comparison to our other senses. An effective display is therefore the key to maximising sales opportunities by capturing a shopper’s attention and interest. Focal Points Displaying a product so it … Continued

Retailing for tomorrow

There’s change in the air. There is no doubt that customers are changing… and so is the retail landscape. Aussie retailers who keep their ears to the ground can hear the vibrations of the Amazon approach. It’s on the minds of major retailers, it’s being discussed at board meetings and it’s being written about in most major … Continued

The Increasing Trend (& NEED) of PRODUCT Diversification

The Increasing Trend (& NEED) of PRODUCT Diversification   During discussions with our wholesale base over the past 6 months (especially), one word has cropped up again & again: DIVERSIFICATION.   Brought on by a tough market and increasing store closures, we are seeing wholesalers move away from a single category/specialty focus and into new … Continued

How to Launch Your Online Store – 7 Steps

How to Launch your online store – 7 Steps Launching your online store can be a task. Get your online store off the ground with the following steps…   1. Make a plan Your online store won’t just take off by itself. If you run a brick and mortar store you know how much time … Continued

Member Spotlight – Daley’s Homewares & Monogramming

From the World of Corporate to the World of Retail With over 20 years success in the corporate world, Matthew thought he had mastered his last learning curve. In 2016, when his uncle announced he was on the verge of retiring the family business, Matthew realised there was one last learning curve to conquer. To … Continued

5 Tips that will make your store stand out

Standing out from the pack How can you attract customers to visit your store?  What can you do to make your store more appealing and inviting?  Here are some tips to help you stand out from the pack and hopefully boost sales: 1. Fit outs  you don’t have to spend a fortune on fitting out … Continued

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