Tips for Online Retail Compliance with Australian Consumer Law

I recently attended a seminar by Watchdog Compliance regarding Australian Consumer Law – The Online Marketplace, hosted by David Johnson from Watchdog Compliance. Here are some key take-outs. As I am not a lawyer or involved with the ACCC, this information has been given in good faith, and is not a complete representation of the … Continued

Update your Knowledge – Advertising & Selling Guide from the ACCC, April 2014.

Whilst most retailers ARE across their obligations & responsibilities to honestly & correctly promote their goods, changes to the retail landscape have meant that its more important than ever to keep your knowledge up to date. This guide offers insight into recent developments like: Advertising claims on social media Online pricing & its association with corresponding … Continued

Directors’ Personal Liability for Unpaid PAYG and Superannuation

The law that imposes personal liability upon company directors for a company’s unpaid PAYG tax was modified and strengthened on 30 June 2012. Company Directors can become personally liable for an amount equal to their company’s unpaid PAYG Withholding Tax if the Commissioner of Taxation issues a director penalty notice in respect of the unpaid … Continued

Secure a Watertight Business Succession Plan

by John Sier, Principal, Mason Sier Turnbull Lawyers What would you do if one of your partners unexpectedly exited your business? A buy/sell agreement, backed by insurance, can keep you afloat. You’ve started a business with some partners. You’re off and sailing. What are the first things you do? Write a business plan? Decide on … Continued

Don’t Dismiss Unfair Dismissal Laws

by Chao Ni, Workplace Relations Lawyer, Mason Sier Turnbull Lawyers How well do you know unfair dismissal laws? Whether you are an employer or employee, your answer could help save you time and money. Unfair dismissal laws are an important part of the employment landscape. Fair Work Australia (FWA) allows employees to make unfair dismissal … Continued

How to Make Trade Marks Add Value to Your Business

Your trade marks are very important to your business.  They are the face of your business to the world.  Your trade marks are what your customers see and remember when they engage with you in the course of trade.  For you it might be a word, a logo, colours, shapes, aspects of packaging, a sound … Continued

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