Surviving the AMAZON – 5 Step Infographic

Surviving the AMAZON – 5 Step Infographic Brick & mortar retail has a real advantage over online shopping.  People love to touch & feel the products they are buying. The challenge is retailers need to develop a culture to compete with the likes of Amazon – the online behemoth who will soon be expanding into … Continued

10 Common Tech Myths Debunked

10 Common Tech Myths Debunked The evolution of technology is a wonderful thing! Just compare traditional film photography to modern days where we now have the flexibility of manipulating bits, bytes and pixels in Photoshop to enhance and create masterpieces. Remember going down to the local video store to hire a movie to watch later … Continued

Find New Ways to make Money as Independent Retailers

Find New Ways to make Money as Independent Retailers Success in tough times comes to those who seek out opportunity, not just those who wait for times to change. With FrontLine members reporting tough conditions across the country, it’s encouraging to hear there are still tales of success coming through. Such success is however, not coming … Continued

Freshen Up Your Ranging

Freshen Up Your Ranging If you’re in retail there is a good chance you’re used to facing change – whether you like it or not! Brands wax and wane. Trends come and go (and then sometimes back again). Technology keeps updating. Customer expectations upon retailers are ever adapting and increasing and so on, nothing will … Continued

Initiative & Bold Decisions Unlock Success for Mancey’s

Initiative & Bold Decisions Unlock Success for Mancey’s Meet Jodi Main. A banker for 14 years, dairy farmer for 12, a parent of three boys aged 7, 11 and 13 and independent retailer who has an amazing talent for time management. 2016 has been an extraordinary year for Jodi, one of which she has made … Continued

Christmas Window/In-Store Display Competition

Christmas Window/In-Store Display Competition Wow! When we launched this festive competition we didn’t think we’d get this many great entries back from all over Australia. For those who missed it, in collaboration with preferred supplier, Shop for Shops, we launched a competition inviting independent retails to send a photo of the Christmas Window or In-Store … Continued

Viruses, Hackers, Malware, Spam and Other Pains

Viruses, Hackers, Malware, Spam and Other Pains Hi everyone, Alex Poulopoulos here, Chief Information Officer at FrontLine Stores. I thought it might be timely to remind you of the potential damage that can happen to your business or even home computer if you ever get affected by viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware or any other deliberate attack … Continued

Uncommon Christmas Retail Tips

Uncommon Christmas Retail Tips Work smarter hours Christmas. A wonderful time of year where we show our friends and loved ones how much they mean to us by giving gifts. The problem is that we all need to find time in our busy lives to gather ideas and go looking for that ideal gift. You … Continued

How Retailers Should Start Planning and Preparing for Christmas

How Retailers Should Start Planing and Preparing for Christmas Christmas. A word that receives a mixed response from independent retail owners all over Australia. On the one hand, along with everyone else, it is a happy time to spend with friends and families who get in the festive spirit of celebration and spending time together. … Continued

The Aug ’16 FABE Wrap-Up!

The Aug ’16 FABE Wrap-Up! Smiling FrontLine members and independent retailers busy writing orders is always an amazing sight to see at a FABE, and there was certainly plenty to go around at the buying event just passed. Members and stores were widely represented from far and wide to attend the last months event – … Continued

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