Passel Partners with FrontLine Stores Australia


FrontLine Stores Australia is excited to announce partnership with the world’s first crowdsourced delivery company, Passel!

Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced home delivery company. This means that, instead of professional or even part-time couriers carrying out deliveries, it will be people on their way home from the shops such as people working in the vicinity or regular shoppers. Passel helps retailers gain more sales by providing inexpensive, convenient and delightful 3-hour deliveries. Using a flexible crowd-sourcing platform, Passel manages local deliveries via regular people living and working in the local community.

Unlike other same day delivery services, Passel operates on weekends, public holidays and evenings – This means same day delivery every day of year!

James from the FrontLine Stores Digital Team said, “Teaming up with Passel was a no-brainer. With increased customer demand and expectations, same day delivery services have quickly become the new normal. Passel have taken the last-mile delivery game to a whole new level by bringing guaranteed, 3 hour delivery to metropolitan and even regional districts around Australia. Several hundred of our retailers are regionally based and I am sure they’ll love Passel due to its simplicity and opportunity that it presents.

The best part about Passel is the customer receives a memorable, inexpensive and convenient level of service powered by people living your local community. It’s a win-win for the retailer, customer and even the delivery drivers (called Passers). With the ability to earn $10 on your way home as a Passel delivery driver, why wouldn’t you register? ”

Marshall Hughes, CEO & Founder of Passel said, “We are excited to partner with Frontline Stores and their diverse and widespread member base. On-demand delivery has previously only been available for customers of select retailers in inner-urban areas. Now, with Frontline and Passel, people in suburban, regional and rural areas can enjoy a world-class delivery experience, superior to that of global online stores. The continued success of local retailers creates local jobs and helps maintain vibrant communities. We’re pleased to be able to do our part, said Marshall.”

For retailers who are dissatisfied with losing sales due to inadequate delivery options, Passel ( is a crowdsourced delivery service utilising a combination of location-awareness and artificial intelligence to enable regular people to provide inexpensive, convenient and delightful on-demand deliveries. Unlike drones, lockers, apps, couriers or any existing solution, Passel does not require fixed infrastructure or contracted drivers and is, therefore, more flexible, faster and cheaper.”

Getting started with Passel is really simple:

  1. Call 1800 PASSEL OR email Marshall Hughes at
  2. That’s it!

On top of the Frontline member benefit, our retailers can also take advantage of a 5% Discount on FrontLine Stores website if you choose to use Passel today.

To learn more about the Passel, please visit our partner page for more information below.


If you’d like to talk to an industry expert about becoming  a Frontline Stores member, please get in touch  – it’s our business to help your business.

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