FrontLine Stores Australia Partners with Brauz!

Brauz Partners with FrontLine Stores

FrontLine Stores Australia is excited to announce strategic partnership with Retail technology provider, Brauz!

Brauz is a retail tech startup specialising in personalised product recommendations to shopper’s phones, attracting them into brick-and-mortar stores. By personalising the entire shopping journey, Brauz connects retail stores and brands to shoppers before they search online.  Their technology uses real-time data, IoT technology, mobile-first design and data science to fully integrate the in-store and online shopping experience.

To put simply, their technology helps people shop locally online, by learning their individual style, size and needs via an app on your smartphone.

James from the FrontLine Stores Digital Team said, “We are super excited about what this partnership means for Australian retail. FrontLine Stores see the potential impact their technology will have on the Retail industry . With International brands disrupting the Australian retail market, retailers must adapt and provide innovative customer experiences. Brauz gives retailers the opportunity to create a personalised shopping experience by providing them with a platform that brings the online and offline worlds together. The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time for us; One of our core narratives is around educating our brick-and-mortar retailers on how to provide  customer centric approaches through adopting unified commerce into their business model.

Our goal is for our retailers to able to provide appropriate services across physical locations and digital channels. Brauz will play a vital role in this process to ensure our retailers are maximising their opportunity in an already volatile retail marketplace. A partnership like this, provides tremendous value to our retailers and their respective customers.”

Lee Hardham, CEO & Founder of Brauz said, “With pressure building from the emergence of Amazon in the Australian market, there has never been a better time for brick-and-mortar stores to act. Problem is most retailers don’t have the budget needed to effectively evolve their experience. What excites us the most about our partnership with FrontLine is we now have an affordable solution for independent retail stores that will help Australian retailers compete with companies like Amazon through personalised shopping experiences that helps shoppers find and buy products from local stores.

“Partnering with FrontLine was a clear and easy decision. We share a common goal in saving brick and mortar shopping and both believe the answer lies in experiential shopping, bridging the gap between online and offline by providing shoppers a more meaningful, personal experience”, adds Lee.

Getting started with Brauz is really simple:

  • Activate your store and receive your ready-to-use in-store device
  • Add or Import Products via your Brauz login or integrate inventory using our API – great for FrontLine stores eCommerce customers looking to simplify the product upload process!
  • The Brauz app processes orders in real-time to help people buy products and pick-up direct from stores

On top of the Frontline member benefit, our retailers can also take advantage of a 5% Discount on FrontLine Stores website if you choose to use Brauz today.

To learn more about the Brauz platform, please visit our partner page for more information below.


If you’d like to talk to an industry expert about becoming  a Frontline Stores member, please get in touch  – it’s our business to help your business.

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