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Keen to use HER retail business to help disadvantaged communities around the world, Michelle’s “donate a bra” campaign has become legendary in Launceston. The following is an article that featured in the Launceston Examiner about Michelle’s recent campaign.




The Launceston community has again thrown its support to women in underprivileged countries. In the first two days of Capri Launceston’s trade-a-bra campaign nearly 100 bras have been donated.

Capri owner Michelle Clark says it was a “pretty awesome” effort.

The campaign sees women donate their old bras and get 25 per cent off a new bra in the shop for the month of October.

“This year our trade-a-bra goes to the Philippines,” Michelle said. “The bras are going to Hair Aide Australia, a group of hairdressers who are going over there to teach them how to cut hair.”

Michelle said the group were going to take less of their own luggage in a bid to freight the bras for free.

“In past years we have donated to Fiji. This year to do that, it was going to cost more than $1000 and no one just has that laying around,” she said.


A History of Helping

The trade-a-bra campaign had been going for about 18 years, Michelle said. While Capri accepts donations all year, this is the only time women get 25 per cent off a new bra.

“We have people wait now and ring up and ask when it’s on. We only have the 25 per cent off corsetry once a year and that’s the trade-a-bra campaign,” she said.

“They wait for the sale to get their bargain, but they love they’re giving to someone else as well.” Michelle said this year’s campaign had started off well getting more than 70 trades in one-and-a-half days.

“The way it has kicked off this year, it’s looking like we’ll get more than 1000 trades which will be awesome. It’s just getting bigger and bigger each year,” she said.

Michelle said in previous years the bras have been donated to Aboriginal Australian women.

“There is nowhere to buy bras from in the middle of Western Australia. The Aboriginal ladies don’t have access to that sort of thing,” she said. “Their reaction is totally overwhelming.”

The collection wraps up at the end of October. The bras will then be transported to Hobart by All Along Couriers before the hairdressers head to the Philippines.

Last year the campaign had 878 bras donated.


FrontLine Stores is proud to support members like Michelle. To get in touch with FrontLine you can contact us.

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