Offering buy now, pay later in store and online


We’re all familiar with the lay-by model, which allows customers to come into your store, leave with a product and pay for it over time. It’s a convenient option to provide to your customers, which you can now offer risk-free both in-store and through your online store.

One way to offer this is with zipPay.

As a merchant you can sign up for a zipPay account and offer it as a payment option both in-store, and/or integrated into your web store.


Here’s how it works in store:

1) Customer comes into your store, selects products (up to $1000), requests to pay with zipMoney.

2) You log into your merchant portal online and put the sale through, generating a token for the customer.

3) The customer signs up or logs into zipPay on their phone/device, puts in your code, selects a payment schedule and checks out.

4) You get paid for the sale that same day (minus merchant fee).

5) The customer continues to pay directly to zipPay, and you are not liable for their debt in any way.


Here’s how it works online:

1) Customer shops on your store online

2) During checkout they select zipPay as their payment option

3) They are redirected to sign up or login to their zipPay account where they select their payment schedule and check out

4) You get paid the same day minus merchant fees

5) The customer continues to pay directly to zipPay, and you are not liable for their debt in any way.


Why should you offer zipPay?

The short answer is ‘why not?’. Customers appreciate the convenience of choice and flexibility. ZipPay provides them with the convenience to purchase a product right away and pay for it later or over time.

Main benefits for the merchant:

  • Same day payment
  • Risk-free
  • Flexible payment options for customers

Main benefits for customer:

  • Buy now pay later
  • Interest free
  • Flexible payment terms


What are the merchant fees?

Good question. The fee is variable and influenced by the size of the business, but comparable to most credit card fees. FrontLine Stores members benefit from the collective volume of the FrontLine membership group and are eligible for lower rates than most smaller businesses.


What does the customer pay?

The customer doesn’t pay anything extra on top of the purchase cost, so long as they pay on time. If the customer has any outstanding payments at the end of each month, they pay an account keeping fee of $5 for that month.


What about purchases over $1000?

The zipPay product covers up to $1000 of a purchase. If the purchase totals more than $1000, the customer can pay the additional amount right away and continue to pay the $1000 over time.

If you regularly transact over $1000, there is another offering called zipMoney. ZipMoney can allow you to offer buy now pay later for as much as $30,000. However, there are some differences between zipPay and zipMoney. For example, zipMoney is not interest free for the customer, although it does offer interest free periods.


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