Last week I wrote a quick quiz to help you significantly grow profits in your business. I had several people email me telling me they were discussing the document internally for what they might do about it. HERE’S THE THING….. We know that hundreds of people read last week’s document. How many DID anything about it?  My guess, fewer than those who ‘found it interesting’ and did very little! MAD Profits don’t come from just DOING THE WORK. That’s just another day on the job for one more day’s income. Go To Jail … Do Not Pass Go … Do Not  Collect $200! MAD Profits don’t come from IDEAS. Lovely thoughts those! Let’s all think awhile shall we. Philosophers are interesting and valuable but Go To Jail again!! MAD Profits come from ACTIONING CHANGE AND IDEAS… the $65 million answer! But “we don’t have time” I hear some say. Roughly translated that means “we don’t have time to make MAD profits, we only have time to do the work of today”. MAKE THE TIME, WHATEVER IT TAKES or be stuck in the world of being ‘busy’, the world of mediocrity, the world of potential failure! Lack of time is a world that is self created by succumbing to external demands, short term demands and fixes. Have the discipline to break through that or MAD Profits will NEVER be yours!

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