Many retailers think they’re well known. They think that their customer base knows who they are, and will think of them if the need arises. They think. Whilst many retailers are thinking, their customers are bombarded with advertising & information, with their ‘needs & wants’ shaped by their experiences. If your business isn’t a part of that, they will inevitably be thinking about something else when you were hoping they’d think about you. Statistically, any business should be spending approximately 3% – 5% of their turnover on marketing. What you spend is up to you, although ideally, your marketing should adhere to some basic principles.

  1. Know your target customer & the world they live in.
  2. Identify areas where your target customer will be exposed to (and be receptive towards) the messages you want them to hear.
  3. Understand how your customer wants to be spoken to. What vernacular, what media, etc.
  4. Become a part of their environment often & keep the communication noticeable.
  5. Track your efforts & understand what did, or did not work and why.
  6. Keep an open mind. Some marketing may never provide instant sales, but may build an awareness that contributes to progressive growth.

Just get them thinking! Casandra Bodie – FrontLine Marketing Manager I invite people to email me through topics or questions they may have which I can include into my blog entries. Email your marketing questions through to

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