"Lorissa" product being cut to pattern
  Melbourne based female clothing brand Lorissa is sailing through the Global Financial Crisis and the uncertain trading times that are occurring for both suppliers and retailers.    How? By becoming a “Revivalist” brand.  A Revivalist brand: 1. Connects to unconscious desires and fears of consumers in an unsettled age 2. Offer hope by connecting consumers with the brand’s safe, stable past 3. Connects with consumers through their desire for simplicity and time-honoured values
"Lorissa" product being sewn
The consumer has lost confidence in society! Seeking shelter from the recession, resource and environment anxiety, consumers are reviving forgotten customs, skills and technologies. They are looking for security and safety in this turbulent world. Today’s consumers want to connect with their objects of desire and breathe in the aroma of true craftsmanship. Lorissa has taken this on board and offers an environment where the consumer meets the maker of their most treasured possessions, understands the manufacturing process, or even witnesses the crafting of the products themselves!
"Lorissa" dress finished product
Here are some easy ways to become a Revivalist brand: 1. Promote your past – Do you have a heritage that needs to be embraced and re promoted? 2. Create products and services steeped in nostalgia 3. Promote traditions – What traditions does your brand or business have that you may not have exposed to your clientele? 4. Acknowledge your years of trade 5. Acknowledge where and by whom your products are made
Australian Made Clothing Unit 20 / 260-264 Wickham Road, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Phone 03 9555 9982
Sometimes to go forward you have to look back! Ellen Kop – Women’s Collection

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