Meet the FrontLine Team

Back Row Middle Row
David Woods | Outdoors Business Manager Ellen Kop | Womens/Kidswear Business Manager
Sam Glass | Womens/Kidswear Business Manager Craig Blieschke | Sports/Leisure Product Manager
Alex Poulopoulous | CIO Rachel Dobson | Home Living Business Manager
Sharon Hall | Home Living Business Manager Deb Caldwell | GM Business Development
Glen McLeod | CFO Sarah Alexander | Accounts Payable
Bernadette Rees | Receptionist Ray Halliwell | CEO
Garry Baumgarten | Workwear Business Manager Tracey Buckingham | T.I.B Coordinator
Elli McDonnell | Marketing Coordinator Jackie Kefford | Accounts Payable/Member Queries
Kylie Smith | Member Services Manager Vanessa Petherbridge | Accounts Payable Coordinator
Michelle Comiskey | Footwear Business Manager
Front Row Absent
Darren Lee | Sports/Leisure Manager Frankie Pratico | IT Consultant
Jeff Herbert | Digital Coordinator James Lewis | Digital Manager
Paula Impellizzeri | Credit Officer Jenny Aldridge | Sports/Leisure Product Manager
David Sharp | Business Develpment Manager Neeraj Jain | IT Consultant
Miro Kroon | Mens/Lifestyle Manager Tony D’Alessandro | Credit Controller
Mersine Dandas | Business Development Manager Tricia Nicolacopoulos | Admin Manager
Casandra Bodie | Marketing Manager
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