Top 10 Visual Merchandising Ideas Seen at FABE Aug 2017!


The recent FrontLine Australian Buying Event showcased an amazing variety of Visual Merchandising Ideas, so we thought we would highlight our 10 favourites! These simple ideas are very cheap to implement, but could really lift your store and become a new way to GRAB the customers attention.


Here are our top 10 display ideas from FABE, in no particular order…


Supplier of leather goods & bags. With Flamingo’s just SOOO on trend, Gabee jumped on board with this simple plastic Flamingo. We loved how they used it to highlight their range and how it matched a very “now” colour.
LKI (Loosekid Industries)
Supplier of Youth and Lifestyle fashion apparel. Keeping true to who they are LKI bring inspiration through Wheels and Water sports to show case a shop fit out suited to the brand to make them stand out from the rest products of LKI were definitely highlighted by the use of simple pallets to create the perfect Industrial Back Drop each year.
Fine Fragrance
Supplier of scents & personal care products. To reinforce the natural ingredients of their beauty products, Fine Fragrance featured plastic props of the very ingredients themselves. Fresh items could actually be used but would need to be replaced frequently.
The orange especially offsets their dark green packaging perfectly and really makes it pop.
Love Henry
Supplier of infants & childrens fashion. Childrens wear is so little, and doesn’t occupy much vertical space, so Love Henry chose to use the spare wall to bring in a “spring theme”. Stringing together plastic flowers they created a very vibrant display that is both fresh and whimsical.
Merino & Jumbuck
Supplier of merino wool thermal wear. The carpet was drab and uninspiring, yet Merino & Jumbucks use of a wool rug really lifted the visual space and redirected your attention to the products. The fact that it was a wool rug and reminded people of the softness of the product was also a win.
Rosdale Handkerchiefs
Supplier of fashion & functional handkerchiefs. Celebrate a new seasonal print by literally framing it and putting it on display! Bringing your attention to the prints themselves can really inspire your customers to invest in them. Your suppliers would easily be able to provide printed representations of the print designs!
Pussyfoot Socks
Supplier of fashion socks & underwear. For a fresh look that is perfect for spring, bring in some fake (or real) plants! We especially LOVE how they have used a bamboo plant to reinforce the natural fibres of their BAMBOO sock range!
Cinnamon Creations
Supplier of womens fashion accessories. A well chosen branch provides an excellent platform to display jewellery. This intriguing display is especially good at presenting the wooden jewellery range by drawing your attention to the qualities of the materials.
Workland / One 8 Denim
Supplier of fashion & work denim.These simple “S” hooks provide an interesting way to display the jeans that really gives the product some shape. The 3D effect achieved by hanging them this way really brought them to the forefront of the scene.
B Free Intimate Apparel
Supplier of intimate apparel.Additional rack space was creatively achieved by suspending a bamboo pole from the top of the stand. Visually floating, the product can definitely be hung at different angles to the rest of the product. Tying in the bamboo pole with the fibres of the fabric really reinforces the materials of this “on-trend” product.
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